What we can offer

Cradle to Grave

SPC take pride in support our customers throughout the whole life of the transformer, from providing expertise at initial tender all the way to decommissioning and removal of the transformer. Transformers are disposed to all relevant government standards.

Transformer Install & Cold Commission

SPC has the capability to install, connect and commission all our transformers, this applies to our smallest distribution transformer to our largest power transformer.

Transformer Repair

We have the capability to come to site and look to do on site repairs where possible, if the transformer can not be fixed on site, we will take your transformer away for further investigation and repair.

HV & LV Switchgear Direct Mounting

All our transformers have the ability to be connected directly to the switchgear to offer a compact complete solution.

Testing & Maintenance

Our installation team will completely test the equipment from when installed and perform regular maintenance checks throughout the life of the transformers, allowing your transformer to remain healthy and operates to its maximum capability throughout its operating life.

Decommissioning & Disposal

SPC can decommission, remove and dispose of your existing transformers to the strictest of standards required by the government.


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