Transformer Forensics


The sudden failure of a transformer causes great financial loss. SPC Power Solutions with their vast experience can provides both root cause analysis and loss mitigation in respect of transformer breakdowns. All our investigations will be conducted in line with CIGRE guild lines. 


Transformer accidents can be directly translated to loss of earns for a business, as a result our main concern would be to get you up and running as quick as possible. We can advise on the extent of damage and if it can be repaired on site, locally or weather the transformer has to be returned to the manufacturer.

To limit any down time you may experience, through our international contacts, we can source new or temporary replacements. We can also make any recommendation on temporary running situation to limit the loss of earnings.

Root Cause Analysis

SPC Power Solutions has skilled electrical engineers to carry out investigations into transformer accidents. We have the capability to work transformer small as 200kVA to several hundred MVA transformer. We have the capability to undertake on site investigation on site or more details investigation under controlled conditions.

Life time maintenance & assessment  

If you require interval maintenance in line with the manufacture recommendations or condition assessment to track performance degradation over time, SPC can perform it all. We can perform all required test from Frequency Response analyses (FRA) to dissolved gas analysis and everything in-between.

Consultancy & design

Electrical system design

SPC Power solution have the capability to support its customers with Single-line diagrams, concept appraisal, feasibility study, CAD services, equipment specification, cable sizing, protection design plus many more.

Supplier appraisal

We will conduct supplier appraisal of suppliers both locally and internationally, we have experience performing audit in line with CIGRE guidelines. This is then supported with a agreeing actions and recommended time frames to undertake all actions.


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